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IngressCards.com to Support Funding for Orlando Obsidian Anomaly Agents

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The Orlando Obsidian anomaly is approaching fast, and as it does, the Enlightened faction is preparing for a successful event, along with other ENL specific events at the anomaly, including an afterparty! 

That said, we're happy to announce that we've designed and are offering Obsidian anomaly gear which will be available for pickup at the event. The proceeds will be used to fund ENL specific activities related to the anomaly. In addition, we're adding coupon code ORLANDO to our agent dossier cards, which will do two things: First, the proceeds for all card orders will go to the ENL faction for anomaly related activities. Second, the shipping charge will be removed, as these cards will be available (along with the other ENL anomaly gear) only for pickup in Orlando.

For non-card orders, the coupon code isn't required. You can check out all the items available HERE.

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